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Pankhawm Hatna - FSPA

Written by  FSPA Published inLa Nepnawi Monday, 11 August 2014 19:08
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Taikhua val ding gilkhang bu-al khuang e.

Khangthei lou leng sinlailung a ka gel. A sakmin limlian Fuh Sim Pi Ahi.

Vual lungtuak kaih danglou nun khat luai khawm.

Shingta lai a vualtung vabang tuang hi e.



Simsing bang gil hanlung chiam in,

Machiang suan ni vual aw.

Thianmang in vual hon zawl hen;

Lungtup mualsuahna di'n.

Simlei mi za'n sakmin lawh bangmawh hen.

Seinou zatamte di'n hanlung chiam le'ng.

Shingta zatam selung vabang phawng di'a;

Zata lai'h a sakmin lawibang thang ding.

Selung tuak in pangkhawm ni,

Pankhawm Hatna.


RAP na mun:

The first time FSPA comes to life people laughed.

As implausible we’re known.

People called it a fantasy,

it would never last.

We couldn’t stop! Giving up was irrational. Subject to jokes,

life was provocative.

We were targetted with some chronic hate.But went ahead,

we eventually ripped the mic.

God never make mistakes,

he is only testing us.

To see how much of courage and confidence rests in us.

Strengthen ourself!

Rinsing our souls! Holding onto faith,

we kept our inner senses bold.

We plight for the stars. planets and galaxies.

Now Backstabbers return to shake hands.

And tell - they’ll love us and stay friends forever.

We were searched! We were one’s to be seeked!

Showered with hate by every soul that underachieve.

Burried our ego, we aimed for the stars.

And got our heads up high, t

ill the day that we die.

Pankhawm Hatna Till this day we never gave up Pankhawm Hatna

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