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FSPA Tournament 2014 - Fixture

Written by  FSPA Published inSports News Sunday, 29 June 2014 21:01

The FSPA Tournament is one of Lamka's football league for men's association football clubs. At the top of the Tournament system, it is one of the dictrict's primary football competition.

Contested by 15 clubs in it's maiden FSPA Tournament 2013, it operates on a system of promoting football in the district.

Though the FSPA Tournament has no official sponsor (s), it was organized by the Organizing Committee through donations collected from well wishers - under the banner 'Pankhawm Hatna' which means 'Union is Strength'.

Laying it's trust in the Tournament's banner 'Pankhawm Hatna' , the FSPA General Headquarters directed and sets up the Organizing Committee to organize 'FSPA Tournament 2014' with the sole aim of promoting football in the dictrict of Manipur's Churachandpur.

It would be wise to note that in the year 2013, FSPA Tournament was entitled to a sum of Rs 2000 for the winners and Rs 1000 to the runners up. Now, in the year 2014, winners and runners up are to be awarded Rs 10000 and Rs 5000 respectively showing an immense progress. Another plus point is it's media partnership with two of Zomi's leading web portal - and

The current champions are Leventicas United, who won the title in the year 2013.






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