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To Love The LOST

Saturday, 03 August 2013 02:45



~By: Olivia Chingngaihlian Ngaihte


Your love still abides with us,
Your blessings; countless bestow upon us.
Joy finds us smiling through our tears..
Darkness only come to prove us that a new day is near-
A bright and new morn will cast away the fears.
Yes, no bitterness shall find my heart complaining,
Nor should I grumble for a gloomy today?!
For the sunshine tomorrow will bring a cheer to each face.
A better moment will fill each day.
When under the storms of life,
I will not doubt, not a bit..
For it is under the raging blows that your power reveals!
And it is after the rain you bring out a rainbow;
a sweet fragrance of happiness to blanket the earth.
How deep is your love...!
How great is your mercy...!
To love the lost, the heart of men,
To love the lost, a soul like mine.