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ZOLMA (ZOGAMonline Music Award) 2017 | Nominations

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Date: December 28, 2017 | Time: 11:00 AM (Tentative)


What is ZOLMA?

The ZOGAMonline Music Awards (ZOLMA) is the biggest Annual Music Awards in Lamka town sponsored by ZOGAMonline.COM. The 1st edition of ZOLMA was held in 2012 with much aplomb and resounding success at YPA Hall, Dorcas Veng, New Lamka. Unfortunately, due to the adverse law and order situation in the Hill Districts of Manipur at that time, ZOLMA 2015 and ZOLMA 2016 had to be skipped. We are sorry for that.


The event is aimed at promoting the arts and culture of the tribals in the spirit and medium of music that inspires learning for excellence and at the same time, celebrating and embracing diversity amongst the youth. This year will see the 4th Edition and is expected to be bigger and better than the previous one to make it the most memorable Musical Extravaganza in the history of Lamka.



Preliminary nominations across different genres are invited from the general public via email & Facebook which will then be screened by a competent panel. The panel will filter for each genre and category through an elaborate process. These nominations will then form the basis for the jury’s task of finding and selecting the final nominations. Those who make it to the final list will then be open to the general public for voting via SMS. With a total prize pool running into the tens of thousands across different genres, ZOLMA 2017 will be the most prestigious and coveted Music Award for all tribal artists.


Categories open for nominations for ZOLMA 2017 along with the criteria for eligibility are as follows:

  1. Best Vocalist (Male)
  2. Best Vocalist (Female)
  3. Most promising Artiste (Male)
  4. Most promising Artiste (Female)
  5. Best Choir Group


Eligibility Criteria for Nominations:

  1. Nominations are open to all tribal artists across the globe.
  2. All genres and themes of music/artists/songs are eligible for nomination.
  3. For the Best Vocalist awards which will be one each for Male & Female, nominees should have released at least one full-fledged album between 1st January, 2015 and 30thOctober 2017 relayed, published or broadcast on local cable TV networks. This will NOT include features in collections, groups or bands but just solo album releases.
  4. Nominees for the Most Promising/Upcoming Artist award should have at least 3 VIDEO singles released or broadcast via the internet or local cable networks. Audio-only releases will not be considered for this award.
  5. The categories for Best Choir award will take into consideration the performance and popularity of the album as a whole.
  6. Veteran Singer will be open to popular artistes of pre 2000 era, both male and female. A full-fledged album release will NOT be the required criteria and those with audio OR video singles released or broadcast through any media will also be eligible for nomination.


How to Nominate:

  1. Preliminary nominations are invited from the general public (also artists for themselves) to nominate their favourite artists and Choir groups via the following medium only:
  2. Nominate your favourite artist, musician or band on the POLLS set up for each category in the ZOGAMonline Facebook Group: Those who have difficulty nominating via the Facebook POLL can input their nominations in a comment against each POLL category.
  3. An email can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line "ZOLMA – 2017 <<CATEGORY>> <<Name of Nominee>>" [eg : ZOLMA-2017 A, B, C, or D and nominee name]
  4. No more than one nomination per category shall be accepted per user.


Preliminary nomination timeline:

Nominations will be open between 21st Nov, 2017 and close midnight 2nd Dec, 2017.



SMS Voting will immediately commence once nominations closes and the final list of 5 top nominations are announced for each category. The list will be open to the general public to vote via SMS, details of which will be announced once the jury filters and releases the final nominations. Please join and follow us on the ZOGAMonline web site and also on Facebook for updates on the dates and final lists of nominations for SMS Voting.

ZOGAMonline Facebook Group:

ZOGAMonline Facebook Page:

ZOGAMonline Website:



The top 3 artists from the SMS Voting results will be invited to perform at the events award on the night of December 28, 2017. ZOLMA 2017 will also feature singers, artists and bands from the different communities cutting across barriers of tribe and dialect. It will also see special performances from veteran musicians and singers.


Acknowledging the diminishing appreciation of traditional folk music and the danger of losing some of those roots as time passes, the organizers are trying their best to highlight the long gone tribal traditional musical instruments featuring the guitar-thawl-a-zuut (slide-guitar), tamngai ( flute music), naah muut (gumleaf music) and gosem (chanter reed). The exhibition will not be just about spreading the word but to create awareness and inspire local musicians to create an environment where traditional music is not only familiar, but offered and recognised as a creative outlet.


So come join, participate and let us together revive our society with music and be a part of creating history this season!


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