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Book review: Unbreakable

Written by  Kamzalian Tomging Published inKamzalian Tomging Tuesday, 04 March 2014 02:11

Autobiography of magnificent MC Mary Kom, Queen of the ring.


A biography of a great lady. Born of Mangte Tonpa Kom and Saneikham, Chungneijang surely lived upto her given name which means high, wealthy and agile. She is affectionately called ‘Sanahen’ by her father. That means eldest precious one. She is a rare soul who converts her dreams into reality by sheer hard work. Against all odds, proving her worth every step and reached one of the most coveted positions. It is an action packed life story of a real life presented in first person. She indeed is a living testament that determination, perseverance and strong desire to succeed places one in the top slot.


Born and brought up in a poor family in Lamka (Churachandpur) district of Manipur, India whose childhood days are worth knowing. I, even I could connect with her story easily. She wrote about the tribal village life, the community life, and love of (Manipur for) sports. The support, understanding and timely prodding by her hubby Onler Kom. And the lovely twin boys and Rengpa.


The book captures her unbrokenness in the politics of boxing in India in the midst of hardship and hurdles. She cross it all and was crowned with the most coveted World Championship titles. Support, Awards and recognitions given by her community, states and the nation she belongs to. And of course, her sponsor who saw the potential in her before other could. The love and high regard by fans the world over can be felt. Her neversay die attitude create great expectations in all of us for the next World Championship in 2016. Our prayer and best wishes.


The failure of government, reasons for the rise of insurgency and why the youth joins underground movement in the Northeast. And, of course how she uses the noble game of boxing to prevent the youth from going astray. She would like to top up her Boxing Academy with education also for overall development of the sportspeople.


It was published by Harper Collins and released in December 2013 in Bangalore. It also includes her rebellions and success in sports during her childhood days, and the long wait for her husband Onler to propose for marriage! A marriage that frees her to pursue her dreams. And her devotion to God. Her story is being made into movie.


Price: Rs.199/- 


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