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User Review: Xiaomi’s mi 3

Written by  Kamzalian Tomging Published inKamzalian Tomging Sunday, 27 July 2014 18:29

~By: Kamzalian Tomging


[Be warned. It is more about me and the phone]


You hold it, play with it and check its performance on what you used to do with all mobile phones. Starting from a simple sms, WhatsApp, the famous Facebook, browsing Internet, checking emails. This was followed by playing games. As I am no gamer [I do love game but refrain from playing and did not install in most of my device as I do fear myself that my addiction would be too much] I let my 3 yr old boy play some games. He complaints that ‘he duck but it does not’ fast enough that he lost his life in subway surf. For him playing the game by iPad mini and this 5 inch screen is different and he could not judge the perfect timing to jump or duck. The problem is not the device per se but he. He then play car race. I did install other apps from laptop into mi 3 thru my play store account. It was not a disturbance to the gamer at all.


Office package does not come pre- installed. Who cares as long as there is play store. Installed and I am writing this review with swift key. Response is upto the mark with the boom sound it produces while playing music. Well it does get warm not hot. But I hate it's none existence of auto pause mode in the music you are listening to when you jumped from one apps to another. You need to start listening over again from the beginning.


The box

It comes with charger, cable, pin for ejecting the normal sim card tray and not with earphone. Out of 16 GB 11.35gb is available for use. This device is one of the flagship mobile phones made by a Chinese company named Xiaomi started in the year 2010. Cost only 13,999 INR.



The picture quality with its 13mp camera is impressive. I like the spot metering mode where in you can prioritize a particular area of the subject you are capturing. The front camera is also performing well. Advance mode/ settings of camera can be made.

Look at the pictures below. Ignore my pleading eyes but take note of the sharpness of the birds and of course my grey/white hair. This is by using the front camera.

Free auto mode is the vegs and the book rack is by spot metering at the black set top box. The kids are taken at night with its BSI camera using the dual LED flash. And the videos are not darker when shifting from camera mode. To understand stand this you may try it with your handset and observe the picture turn darker/dimmer. The pix are sharp but difficult to look at under sunlight.



Wifi and a hotspot setting up is easy. The presence of .com, .org, /, paste etc when typing in the browser's URL is extremely convenient. Well it has got its own browser.


The Calling

The noise suppression in the dual mic produces a crystal clear sound which was pointed out by my frequent callers. My voice is clearer these days. No call drops observed during 7 days.

Contacts can be easily grouped and common msg can be send to them. You can shake the device to find who with mi phone is near you.


The body

The bezel could be smaller from all sides. The display also did not occupy the whole area earmarked for it. To me who is concerned about fine details matter here. Why waste space! About the slippery body. What does it matter as it will be cover with a case/cover.

I need not mention in detail the specs of this quad core, 2gb RAM, Adreno 330 graphics. The 3050 mAh battery last long, really long. Went to office with a 58% battery and back home with about 26%. The device info shows its Android 4.4.2 and that's certainly KitKat.


MIUI and other observations

And now on MIUI (Pronounced as My You I). Well it's the modified form of the Android platform that helps in easy navigation of the apps and consists of themes, inbuilt antivirus, anti spam and even notes and backup features. It makes the screen fluidic. The cleaner which is a part of MIUI did a nice job in cleaning ads and other scum in the crevices of the dragons’ brain.


Google account packs like gmail, youtube, hangouts, map, Drive, Chrome etc are clubbed into common folder but play store comes out for easy access. Screenshot is in a way simple. Apart from the usual way of pressing two keys simultaneously, you may opt for the inbuilt features. Just swipe down the screen and touch screenshot icon and there you are. Vibrating at 2.3Mhz does not means it will always move fast. It hang twice in 7 days but just wait a little and press the power button and it started humming again. The screen light flips into a thin line light when it goes into sleep mode which keeps you alert, active and a wow factor to me at least.


The device is worth going 'he hey' as in the ads.


How I got?

Just for a side note lemme tell how I happen to grab this dragon. I was following the news every day. It captures me when I heard the news that this gadget sells million in some secs and I make it a point to hold this gadget. Not only through Google alert, I used to check each article that I come across from most techno sites. Some of the headlines are: Xiaomi tie up with the famous Registration to be started on 15 July 2014. Like me many fans waited 00:00hrs of 15 July 2014 as confessed by like minded fans in the mi India page. I checked again at 10am 12pm and then comes 1pm and I click the registration button. I login again with another user account and click registration. I was a regular buyer from flipkart since 2012 and opted for an express delivery recently. The sales day i.e 21 July 2014 arrived. I purchased right away (I am among the first 1000 buyers as per the msg) and login in my second account with different name to purchase. I must tell you that they block login in a tabbed browser or even from another browser using the same computer. May be the IP address is also captured by them to filter out double buyer. My second purchase failed. It was just within 7 minutes from the start of sales and I was informed that I was not allotted. The phone arrived on the day of launching 22 July 2014.


Why go for it?

a)     Cost of iPhone 5S= about half lakh. Half of the cost = 25,000. Now half of that = 12,500. That is almost the cost of mi 3. Cost of mi 3 = one fourth of iPhone. But mi 3 is with higher specs. Benefit cost analysis points certainly towards mi 3. You may need to pinch yourself to confirm you are not dreaming.

b)     Yes, it surely is a Chinese phone. But remember. Most high ended phone including iPhone was made from China.

c)      The company confessed that they really struggle to get approvals in India. And this also made me confident about the product and service and I feel, will not be a problem.


The company, any company for that matter, created a sense of craze in their promotional campaign. This dragon surely is sensational. He hey.


For more pix click.


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  • thawmte
    Wednesday, 30 July 2014 16:30

    Good and useful review. This set appears to be a notch above Moto G or Asus Zenfone5 in all round performance. It has managed to silence the craze that erupted when MotoG and later Asus Zenfone5 were launched.

  • whoami
    Wednesday, 30 July 2014 17:22

    Don't call me dump...but this is the first time I heard the name Xiaomi 3 and sound like my name. Apps including camera seems good.

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