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Ushan Uday UGC North East Scholarship Scheme

Written by  Thathang Hangshing Published inThathang Hangshing Tuesday, 13 January 2015 16:24

~ By :  Dr. H. Thangtungnung


University Grants Commission (UGC) in North Eastern Region te a di liuliau in ah Scholarship scheme thak tukum apan pankhia a, Ushan Uday Special Scholarship Scheme kichi hi.  Hiai apply thei diing student te’n pawl XII a zoh uh poimoh a, Board khatpeuh apan zoukhia ahihnak leh pomtheih vek hi. Central leh State board nuai a zoukhete pompih vek a, CBSE, ICSE, NIOS, leh State Board khatpeuh  a apan zousate hithei vek hi. Himahleh NER (North East Region) a kaisa leh zousa ahih chitchiat kiphamoh hi. College hiam University hiam Institute khatpeuh a na ki enroll a, degree course khatpeuh sin dia admission bawl kiphamoh hi. Course khatpeuh, General Degree Course, technical leh professional degree course, medical leh para-medical course (integrated course tel in) huamtel vek hi.


North East Region a tengte adi’n tulel in hiai Scholarship 10, 000 kihong lel a, 2014-15 ading hihban ah, advertise suakta ahihman in khakhat sung a online mode kia a apply ngai ding hi. General degree course te’n khateng in Rs. 3500/- leh a dang technical, professional leh medical course te’n Rs. 5000/- ngah diing uhi. A kumnawn in renew theihzel diing a, course zohma tan ngahtheih diing hi. A tangpi in kum 5 course tan huam diing hi. Hiai diing in parents income kumkhat a Rs. 4.5 lakhs tunglam ahihlouh diing ahi. Scheme dang a scholarship musate hitheilou diing a, diploma course te leng hitheilou diing hi. Ban ah open universities a sinte’n leng apply theilou diing uhi. Management quota a admission mute’n leng apply theilou diing uhi. Applicant 10,000 sang a atamzawk leh Cl-XII a a mark merit dungzui ua select ahi diing uhi. Student hiai scholarship musa khat in a a course of study a khen leh a muzom thei veve diing hi. A zirna college a khen lehleng a muzom thei diing hi.


Hiai scholarship amount amutute bank account a direct a transfer (piak) ahi diing a, himahleh kaina institute tungtawn a apply ngai diing hi. Institute in fee structure, hostel fee leh student list UGC a ni 60 sung a muhman dia UGC a thot teitei diing ahi. Applicant te’n document poimoh a submit khawm dite uh ahihleh—


            (i) Joining Proforma (form) fresh applicant-te adi (Annexture I)

            (ii) Renewal form a renew nawnte’n (Annex II)

            (iii) Income Certificate

            (iv) Domicile Certificate

            (v) Quarterly Continuation Certificate a mukhinte’n khathum halzel a submit di.

            (vi) Stamp Rs. 50/- Affidavit scholarship dang ka neikei chih proof nadi SDO leh DC office apan.


Hiai scholarship scheme ahihleh Union Resource Ministry in a funding UGC in a implement ahih dungzui in UGC in Central, State leh private university-te ah theisak khinvek a, anuai ua college-te a hilhsawn diing un zasak khin hi. Himahleh i aware naikei maithei chihna toh hiai ah kon taklang a, a tung a igen document poimohte a proforma ban ah a form leh advertisement leh guideline bangkim ah muhtheihvek diing hi. Hon taklat pah uthuai mahleh ka lemtheihlouh ziak in hiah kon gelh a, hiai article toh a attached  theihkei uhleh leng webpage hiam admin-te tungtawn a muhtheih din notice leh guideline PDF file ka khakkhawm hi. Tutung a apply manlou te’n le kumnawn in apply theihzel diing hi.


North East Region a higher education promote tupna a hiai scheme patkhiak ahi a, January 1, 2015 in UGC in hiai scholarship scheme patkhiak ahihdan notice a suahpan a, advertisement leng hong suakpah diing achi hi. Huai detail advertisement ngaihven chiat ni. Online mode kia a apply diing ahihna ah, application form omtuam tuanlou a, a link a lut a i detail fill up ban ah atung a igen document poimoh-te scan a attached/upload diing ahi. Tukha sungtan in a hihtheih/apply diing. Scholarship lah tam hiaihiai, abiik in higher study lam ah kisiak ni. Scholarship toh laizil theihvek hita. Ei ST/SC leh North East-te I hampha biik. Post-Matric Scholarship a omsa ahi a, Minority Scholarship from Cl-I standard kum 5 paisa in a omta a, Rajiv Gandhi fellowship for ST/SC in M.Phil/Ph.D 2007 apan in om a, UGC Departmental fellowship for Post Graduate leng 2007 velmah in om a, M.Phil, Ph.d, Scholarship for Single Girl Child, UGC Women Fellowship, Radhakrishnan fellowship, ICSSR fellowship for Research and Post Doctorate, ICHR Research fellowship & Post Doctorate fellowship, Post-Matric Merit Scholaship leh State Board banah CBSE level fellowship tuamtuam omta hi.


Kipak ing, hiai in hon domsang semsem hen!


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Advertisement ISHAN UDAY

NER Guidelines with Annexures




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